1999 Yamaha wave blaster 800


A number of personal watercraft have left a lasting mark over the years, but it’s a fair bet the Yamaha WaveBlaster resides amongst the very best. Introduced in 1993, this eight-foot long, three-foot wide craft was the first to truly bring the look and feel of a motorcycle to the personal watercraft market.

Riders could carve exceptionally aggressive turns with a long-awaited inside lean, darting in and out of corners with agility previously unseen in the industry. Power, for the time, was spirited, produced by Yamaha’s infamous 701cc two-stroke engine. The ‘Blaster quickly won Watercraft of the Year status from industry publications, which noted the craft had truly created a new category in the market

A great deal of the WaveBlaster’s success was thanks to its hull design. A closer relation to Yamaha’s SuperJet standup than the typical V-hull sit-down runabout, it featured concave pockets near the bow that created suction, planting the hull in those corners. Strakes further glued the hull to the water. That intuitive lean, however, was primarily the result of soft chines, a trait that defines many of today’s lean-in rides. The design allowed the hull to easily roll into the turns, and riders loved the craft for it.

Product Details
WaveRunner:1999 Yamaha wave blaster 800
Colour:custom paint
Length:2.44 m (8.00 ft)
Engine:73hp 2 stroke
Engine capacity:701 cc

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